Coming from a family of artists and jewelers, Jennifer Lang was surrounded by art in all its expressions since her early years. Throughout her life, she has been in contact with different kinds of materials and learned the process of creation, while also building an understanding of high quality standards for design and fabrication.

Jennifer has become a fashion ambassador for Costa Rica, and has been invited to show her collections in fashion shows and exhibitions in the US, Latin America, and Europe. Media attention has followed this journey with coverage in highly respected national and international press such as CNN, Vogue, InStyle Magazine, Forbes, and HOLA!


Unforgettable glamour

J.LANG’s designs are sophisticated and elegant, and at the same time, avant-garde and original. The merger of several textures, colors, techniques, and materials, results in exquisite pieces for collectors of the extraordinary and unexpected.


Reviving artisanal tradition

Handmade is synonymous with authenticity and unique. J.LANG represents the artistic expression of her founder, Jennifer Lang. Her passion for details is reflected in every piece of her collection, carefully handcrafted at our own workshop in Costa Rica.

J.LANG seeks not only to support local artisans, but to ensure that their products have the ability to live through generations, combining excellent quality with craftsmanship to create our exclusive designs.


Ethical Fashion

Jennifer takes pride in the style, quality, and integrity of each and every piece that we produce. Her commitment is to design with natural materials, reuse previously discarded resources, and provide fair employment opportunities for people in our community.